Frequently asked questions

Identification & Return

What is my responsability regarding returns?

Equipment remains on hire, and therefore chargeable, until it is returned to our depot. If you require a collection, please call 0743 649 2194. The security of any equipment remains your responsibility until it is collected by us or has been returned.

How do I return equipment?

If you originally collected the equipment from our depot, simply return it to the depot before the return date/time stipulated on the contract. If we delivered the equipment to you and you have finished with it and would like us to collect it earlier than scheduled please ring us on 07436 492194 and we will try to amend our schedule to accomodate you.

Do I need to provide ID?

Before we release the equipment to you we will need to take a photo / photocopy of 2 forms of ID. A driving licence (photo version) and a utility bill. Customers are only required to provide ID for their first hire. For subsequent hires no ID is required.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions are updated periodically and they are on our website { LINK}, on the reverse of the contract and are posted on the walls of our depot.

Do I have to clean equipment before I return it?

Equipment should be returned in the same condition it left our depot. There is a charge of £25.00 for cleaning equipment that has been returned in a condition that is unfit for it to be re-hired.

Payment & Delivery

How and when do I pay?

Paying in Advance You may pay in advance of the hire online or over the phone by debit/credit card. On the day at the Depot You may pay by debit / credit card or cash. If we are delivering to you you may pay by debit / credit card or cash.

Can I make an order over the phone and collect it from your depot?

If we have the equipment in stock you may order over the phone and collect it as quickly as 1 hour later.

How does your pricing work?

"SAME DAY-RETURN" You may collect the equipment for our depot from 8:00am and return it before 5pm the same day. "24 HRS" The first 24 hours begins from the time you specify you wish to collect the equipment to that same time the following day. (A delay in you collecting the equipment does not mean the hire period is adjusted). "+EXTRA DAY" Is the rate for any number of subsequent days following the initial 24 hour hire, up to a maximum of 30 days at which point the contract is automatically terminated. "WEEK" is the rate for the 7 days of hire. Some equipment is listed as 'POA', which stands for price on application. This applies to tools and equipment secured from third parties, whose prices can change regularly. To get an up-to-date price, just give us a call.

Do I need to pay a Deposit?

Deposits are always required with every hire. The value of the deposit depends upon the value of the equipment being hired. Deposits are refunded when the equipment is returned on time in a suitable condition for re-hire.

Do you deliver the same day?

If we have the equipment in stock and the order is placed before 10am deliveries can be made in the afternoon of the same day.

How much do you charge for delivery and collection?

We only offer a Delivery & Collection service within the S postcode area. The exact cost depends upon the distance from our central Sheffield depot. In general the combined cost of a delivery & collection is £15.00 Please ask for a specific quotation.